Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

The bathroom is where you spend a lot of time each day so it’s important to create an environment that makes you feel good about yourself. But what if your bathroom doesn’t fit your needs? Maybe there isn’t enough space for all your stuff or maybe it just feels too small for comfort. Or perhaps you’d like to change from a bathtub into a shower stall but don’t want to put in the extra work required by tearing out tile walls and re-framing the room. For this, you’ll need to hire an architect or contractor, replace your drywall in both the bathroom and the hallway, tear up your old tile flooring, rip out your existing plumbing system – it’s a huge hassle just for one small room!


Installation Process

Our team at Mesquite Bathroom Remodeling Solutions will handle everything from start to finish for you. We will remove your bathtub without damaging any of its surrounding surfaces or causing any water damage issues. Then we’ll install new wall panels behind the tub area if necessary (if there isn’t enough space for a full-size walk-in shower). Next, we’ll build out our custom framing around the new door opening that leads into your newly remodeled bathroom.

So, when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom and get rid of that old bathtub, call us first. We’ll make the process quick and easy with our expert service at affordable prices. You can also rest assured knowing that we only use quality materials from brand names you trust.